WeMake is Here for You

WeMake is Here for You

We’re the people’s marketplace. Your trust is everything to us.

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Try the following steps:

  1. Contact your seller.

Every shop at WeMake is independent. Refunds, exchanges and returns policies vary from seller to seller. If you have a question about a recent order, the seller is the best person to ask.

2. Open a case.

If you and the seller cannot resolve a problem with your order, you may be eligible to open a case.

Open a case

3. Work with WeMake

After you open a case, WeMake can act as a mediator to work with you and your seller.

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WeMake’s support team is always working for you.

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WeMake Security

Account Privacy

At WeMake, your privacy is near and dear to us. We’re transparent about how we treat your personal information.

Privacy policy


All credit card information sent to WeMake is encrypted, and we don’t store any sensitive credit card information.

Seller Standards

WeMake has a strong set of requirements each seller must meet to remain at our marketplace. We protect your buying experience by removing shops that don’t live up to our standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)