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Dashboard You have no permission to view this page Display vendor dashboard and all the elements for the vendor

Best Selling Products

Display 5 best selling products of vendors

Top Rated Products

Lists all the top-rated products

Custom Migration Form [Pro version only]

Update account to Vendor


Creates Vendor Registration Form

Geo-Location Filter Form [dokan-geolocation-filter-form] Gives you easy navigation to find products through filtering products

Store List

Total stores showing: 13

Lists all the stores available on the site on a single page

Store Category wise

Total stores showing: 13

You can easily list the stores based on store category

Store Order wise

Total stores showing: 13

Rearrange your orders in Ascending or Descending formations

Store Orderby wise

Total stores showing: 13

Categorize the order based on the vendor registration date

Store_id wise

Total stores showing: 0

No vendor found!

List the stores according to their store id

Featured Store wise

Total stores showing: 13

To show featured vendor

Show Store with Products

Total stores showing: 4

This shortcode will show the stores that have products

My Orders Lists all the orders for the customer

Store List randomly

Total stores showing: 13

Display store list randomly