Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

WeMake.so provides an online resource for browsing, purchasing and selling items that are unique to individual sellers and store fronts. You can sell and buy almost anything, from homemade goods to used or unused items. We do restrict items that violate any laws, infringe on intellectual property, are clearly counterfeit, dangerous or inappropriate.

WeMake does not guarantee or warranty any items sold on this site and cannot be held liable for any item sold for any reason. If a seller wishes to extend a warranty or guarantee, it is certainly their right to do so.

WeMake understands that things can happen that are out of your control, both as a buyer and a seller. When they do, we will try to mediate a solution that is beneficial to both parties. We will protect you from abuse, will not make changes to the terms for your listing, and will investigate issues to ensure fairness.

It is up to each seller to list their own return and refund policies. WeMake suggests that there be at least a 15 day time limit to request returns and refunds.

WeMake.so wishes to keep our Terms of Service simple. Use common sense as a seller and as a buyer. As a seller, be honest and as complete in your description of your items as possible. As a buyer, read listings carefully and completely. By agreeing to sell and agreeing to buy you have entered into a contract with each other. Honor your contract.

Most of all, be nice.